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Karastar nft game apk v1.0.5 is one of the best nft game where you can enjoy game as well as earn some money from it, karastar game provides best earning plate form for you, more you play more you can earn, earn-to-play from here...
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Karastar nft apk latest version  review

As you all know, the 21st century is the age of online activities, and we see that, in particular, online gaming is on the rise, and nowadays games are trending, everyone is engaged in games, Everyone, young and old, is addicted to it. Similarly, games like karasta apk are being mentioned by many people nowadays, and this game has been donated by millions and millions of users of this game who play this game 24/7 regularly. And also earn with the help of this apk game. Let’s find out more about karastar.

What is karastar?

Karastar is an NFT game that is not only a game but you can also earn money in the form of crypto through this game. The purpose of the game’s creators was not only to introduce you to a good game but also to bring some benefit to the game’s gamers.

However, this is a game in which you have to earn UMY, UMY kara star contains the points or coins that you earn after completing a mission and the value of the UMY that you earn afterward. I can exchange in the form of a cryptocurrency.

I mean, the more you win the game, the more you earn.

karastar apk

Will, karastar be free to play?

Yes, if you open beta, players can easily freestyle this game and play this game without any difficulty, not only you can play this game for free but also You can also earn money through games. The more you win, the more you can benefit.

You can also use all the features and items of Kara Star for free and take advantage of these features. Because this is a game of play-to-earn ideology, the more players win this game the more they will earn.

How to use karastar? or how to register in Karastar nft apk?

  • Login first
  • First of all, you have to download this game by clicking on the download link above.
  • Then install this game.
  • After that, when you start entering the game, you will have to register first.
  • After that, you have to log in. You will also be rewarded for logging in.
  • And the more you share karastar, the more kara you will get.

Attach the wallet address to your kara account.

As we know it is a play-to-earn game so obviously, you will need a wallet to which your earnings will be added. So, you have to log in to the wallet after login and when you bind the wallet address with kara you will also get rewards for it.

To bind the wallet you have to add your email address and login, you can do this manually. You must bind the wallet address before playing the game, then you can get the prize.

karastar game

 Sign in Karastar apk  every day

When kara players play this game on a daily basis, it will benefit them so much, because kara nft game allows you to sign in for everyday rewards, which allows you to get daily rewards when you sign in daily. Will

Daily sharing karastar game apk

Kara game gives you the option to share, that is, the more you win the game, the more people you will have the opportunity to benefit from.

 Invite or refer your friends & family

As we told you earlier this is a game you will win the more you play the more you win, similarly when you introduce Karastar nft game to your friends, relatives, and family members and they If people enter this game through your referral link then you will get its reward and winning your referral will earn you some percentage of it.

Cross the PVP ranking in karastar nft.

This game gives you a lot of great platforms where you can make money in different ways, one of which is that when you compete with another player and if you manage to win. If so, your rank is up, and the more you win, the higher your ranking will be, the more chances you have of getting rewards.

According to the karastar gameplay official rule, players are involved in this game every day during activity periods and they fight each other and those who manage to make their place in the top 500 are rewarded. ۔

What is the karastar referral code id?

karastar Invitation Code id:  5FW8Z


As we reviewed karastar in detail and came to the conclusion that it is a game that is not only limited to the game but you can also enjoy the game as well as make money through this game. Can earn That means you can hunt two birds with one stone.

Karastar game is very easy to play, this game gives you a battle arena where you have to compete with another player, and if you win you get his reward.

Plus, you’ll be getting paid to share your karastar nft game with your friends. And these earnings can be exchanged in the form of your cryptocurrency, all you need is a wallet where you can withdraw your UMY, BNB, and Kara.

Click on the download link above to download the KaraStar apk latest version v1.0.5 and get your favorite game for free.

There are also countless other apps, games, and tools available on our website proapkmode that you can take advantage of. If you like this game, be sure to share your valuable feedback, it made us excited. All kara game lovers confuse with katastar game apk. It’s kara, not katastar.