Pool vs. Snooker: Unveiling the Distinctions (Best Review)”

There you will see the major difference of pool vs snooker vs billiards.as you know these three games are most popular games in the world.
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April 8, 2023
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Pool vs. Snooker vs. Billiards

pool vs snooker vs billiards

Pool, Snooker, and Billiards are very similar games, and people usually overlap these terms and use them anyhow in a haphazard manner. It is a common mistake as not everybody is a professional to be able to use these terms. Amidst the sea of similarities, distinct changes distinguish them from each other that not only specialists but general people should also know.

On the web, at the moment, 8-ball pool is a top-rated game and a nice variation of billiards. You can match with several pro online players and get a proper challenge whenever you feel the need. The ease of online gaming has opened new possibilities for people to enjoy this otherwise hard-to-play game. You can download 8 ball pool games by heading over to some officially registered websites offering a premium Pool experience. It is not hard to understand the game, and the controls are fun and intuitive even for the new entrants.


Let’s check out some of the significant differences in history and modern gameplay between billiards, Snooker, and Pool so that you can split them apart and spread some knowledge to novices about the games.

History of Billiards

Billiards evolved from a game called ‘croquet’ played on a lawn back in the 15th century. Nobles and kings exclusively played this game from ancient times in the lands of Northern Europe. As the game used to be played outdoors, it was played on the lawn and decidedly experienced during warm sunny days as a casual sport with various innovative equipment.

Gradually the game made its way through the door and shifted indoors, where it had to be accustomed to a smaller area. The lawn was replaced with a table using a green textured cloth to resemble the earlier context of grass.

The inclusion of cue sticks came much later in the 1600s, and the name billiards came from the French term ‘bille,’ which meant a ball. Also, in French, the word ‘billiard’ means wooden sticks, which sums up the origin of the widely popular name.

History of Pool

This game and billiards have a core root as Pool originated from the idea of billiards. Contrary to the former, Pool has the factor of betting associated with it. Due to this, the game was recorded as a compulsory inclusion in horse betting parlors. In Pool, the cue stick became highly prevalent, and many changes were made to adjust to the players’ comfort level.

During 1800, Pool equipment began to improve drastically from its older counterparts. The discovery of applying chalk at the stick-end to get more friction on the balls became very necessary to enhance the gameplay and make it more fluid for the participants. This official chalk for Pool games was invented and patented in 1897 by two famous individuals; a chemist, William Hoskins, and a professional pool player, William Spinks.

History of Snooker

The game of Snooker came much later than Billiards. It was introduced around the 1800s. A lieutenant named Neville Chamberlain decided he should take things in hand and make a few changes to the game of ‘black pool.’ The notion of adding colored balls to the game came around this time as it stands as the last iteration of the original billiards.

Another geeky fact is that the name snooker is derived from the amateur entrants in Royal Military Academy, also known as Snookers.

Ball Differences

The critical defining factor in gameplay between the three games is the number of balls used. A Pool game can change the number of balls required to play the game depending on the requirement of the players. The standard format includes 16 balls that are 2 ¼ inches in diameter. There are eight solid-colored balls, seven striped balls, and one ‘cue’ ball of white color.

In Snooker, the balls drastically increase to twenty-two, and the cue ball here is termed a striker ball. The distribution here is different; the assortment consists of one ball of brown, blue-black, pink, green-yellow, and the other 15 are red balls.

The diameter of each ball here is 2 1/16 inches and, therefore, a hair smaller than the balls used in Pool. The number of balls is the same in Billiards, but the variety is limited to three, which are yellow, white, and red.

Table Difference

The dimensions of the usual table have three ranges: seven-foot, eight-foot, and nine-foot. You can also find English snooker tables to be a massive 10 feet, whereas American tables come in a 10-foot table that is also considerably larger than the usual. The two types include carom billiards tables and pool tables, where carom billiard tables require no pockets, but pool tables do.

Difference in Rules

If the names of the games are different, then it’s obvious the gameplay would be as well. In Snooker, the player can score the most points by pocketing the red and colored balls using the cue ball.

The game here is organized into frames and is quite systematic compared to the other games. Pocketing of the balls follows a sequence, so if you mess that up, you are bound to get a foul that will cost you a turn and give it to the opposing player.

The idea behind billiards is easy where you have to get points called ‘counts.’ To score, you have to bounce your cue ball off the other two balls on the table.

In the game of Pool, players decide on a point to be achieved beforehand and then play accordingly to achieve the target. Many variations of Pool are there, so it is upto the players to decide which one they would choose to play between themselves.

In Conclusion

As you can see, however similar the names and ideas may sound behind the games, the main ideas are vastly dissimilar when it comes to playing. Since Pool and the other variants are becoming so popular in the online gaming realm,

it is vital to know their differences so that you do not make a clown of yourself and strategically use them to your advantage and face your rivals in a well-armed manner. keep visiting proapkmode for more.