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Han Esports APK Injector V99 is the latest version of han esport apk , download han esports apk is the best injector of mlbb, download han injector apk free
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September 16, 2023
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Han Esports apk injector review

You may have used dozens of mods, tools, cheats, and injectors for your mobile legend bang bang game apk version so far, and many people will be satisfied with some tool or injector and use the same tool in their mlbb game.

But the app we are going to talk about today is called Han esports apk injector latest version 2023, here you are given detailed information about this tool, for example, mentioned the features of han esports ml apk. Gone, and at the same time, you will see the details of those features. So don’t forget to read the whole article.

What is Han Esports Apk?

So let’s find out more about Han esports apk. First of all, we will know which game Han esports apk works on?

You all know the answer to this question, but for those new players it is necessary to tell all this, then Han esports apk is used in mobile legend bang bang gameplay. MLBB lover has full knowledge of all these tools and games, and that is why you are here.

But our purpose is not only to provide you with the game and tools but also to provide detailed information about this game mod etc. and we take full care that you do not pass fake or incorrect information.

In particular, we urge new players to find something real and authentic and not to get lost. Because you all know that the purpose of creating these third-party apps is exclusively for art use, and there are some apps that also have access to your game account and mobile data, So we do research on these tools and find the only and only cheat tools apk that is very secure compared to those tools.

Han Esports apk 2022

The main reason why new players are attracted to these tools is the popularity of MLBB because the mlbb battle game is one of the best and amazing games online. If you watch this game on Play Store then by looking at its reviews and downloaded figures you get an idea of ​​the popularity of this game, how many people like this game, and how many new users are being added daily.

I mean, you guessed it there would be so much competition in such a very popular game, so obviously the clumsy newcomers will give up after playing this game for a while.

More about Han Esports?

This is why apps or tools like Han esports ml apk have been born, which is very useful for these new players because with the help of this tool they can not only play the game easily but also, ml skins. And access to countless other features. download han esport apk ml game strengthens your gameplay, improves your aim, provides good and good quality maps, which you can use to keep a good eye on your game.

And one of the funniest features of this tool is that it gives you the facility of custom sounds and music, which gives you access to change the sounds and music to your liking.

Also available are new drone view, border, analog, background, and countless other channels listed below.

Han Esport apk uses

As we mentioned earlier, han esports latest version apk provides access to almost all the premium features of MLBB gameplay absolutely free, and you will be well aware that ML skins, ML map, ML background, and ML How expensive is the effect battle, etc., and it is very difficult for the common man to manage so many puppies.

If you look at the active users of MLBB game, there are more than 80 million existing users of this game, so obviously, not everyone will be rich to spend their money without any hesitation, and also on any game, then everyone They don’t want to spend their money and some people just play the game for a limited time, that is, just for the fan.

Obviously, any game will not have good quality and modern features. You cannot get ahead in the game, so you will have to either buy those related features or go to a third-party app. All you have to do is cheat your original gameplay and get access to those features for free.

So Han esports injector apk is one of the best cheat tools with which you can get the necessary features without any hassle. And Han esports apk is one of the most popular and safe tools that you can use without any fear.

han esports apk official developers are working hard on this tool to provide you good services, you may have seen in previous versions there were some bug errors which are fixed in this new and updated version, and its Other new features have also been added, which are mentioned below.

However, the han esports new version gives you a complete package, with all the advanced weapons, heroes, outfits, effects, and sound and music features available to you, giving you comfort and enjoyment along with the game. Will also get

So let’s talk about more features and details of the han esport latest version apk.

Han Esports apk latest version

Features of Han esports apk latest version

Of course, Han esports apk new version is also an app full of great and amazing features, which undoubtedly saves you valuable time and money. It’s really no less than a magic tool, that, without any effort, you get the features you want.

Listed below are the available and visible features and cheats, which are available for free.

  • All skin:

The first feature we get is called all skin, in this option, you will have all ml skins available, you can choose the relevant skin according to your custom and need.

In All Skin, you get Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, & Support, etc.

  • Map Custom:

The second option you will see in the mlbb han injector apk is Map custom, in this option you have all variants of ML maps available. These include Map Western Expanse, Map Celestial Palace, Map Imperial, Map Magic Chess, etc.


  • Sound ML & Music game:

In this third option, you have the facility of sound ML, through this feature you can change ML sounds, etc., and add sounds according to your nature. For example, Neffex cold, RRQ Anthem, black cover, vocation, and countless other game music are available.

  • New Drone view:

This fourth option you will find in the main menu of han esports 71, in this option, you will find the features of drones, which include, Are

  • Emoticon:

In this option, you get to see countless emoticons. You can choose any emote from you.

  • Border:

At Borders you have different types of boards, including 15+ ML borders, like 515 party, M1 champion, etc.

  • Analog:

In Analog you find more than 40 analogs, which you can easily use in your ml gameplay.

Han Esports

More features of Han esports injector apk latest version

In Han esports apk you will see the option of more menus where you have more advanced features available in addition to the above features. Which are listed below.

Custom background:

The first option gives you the feature of custom background, the feature of this feature is that you have innumerable backgrounds available in it, just click on any background and apply it to your ml game.

Loading video:

This option provides some videos that you can watch.


This feature will be a favorite feature of most of you, this feature gives you the effects, when someone beats a player it shoots. For example, K.O, Ghost effect, Super kill, starlight effect, kill, Abyass, and countless other options are available.


In this option, you will find dozens of spawn views, including Starlight, Halloween, Hero Series, and more.


In han esports ml apk you also have the feature of recall, which includes the facility of normal recall, Replace Recall.

Zero Two: In this option, you have 3 more beautiful custom images available.

Team RRQ:

Team RRQ support is available, add background team RRQ with 3 alternatives.


Anaya Geraldine and Chika’s background can also be injected.

Han Esport apk


Han esports apk gives you all of the above features absolutely free, if you want to get these tools or features in the original ML gameplay you may have to spend a considerable amount of money, because these items are ML diamonds, via moonton official stores are very expensive. Not everyone can make the effort.

Han Esports latest version

How to install the latest version of han esports injector v71 ml apk?

  • For installation of this mlbb than esports menu, you have to download this apk first.
  • After downloading this apk just click install, it says unknown as install error, then check below unknown source section.
  • After clearing unknown source app alert.
  • After that install this apk app.
  • Easy to install no extra options pop-ups.
  • No registration or login screen will appear.
  • No password is required to install or open this tool.
  • just install and ready to use.

How to use the Han esports latest version 2023?

  • first, download the ml esports apk.
  • install the latest Han esports apk mod ml free.
  • After installing this ml menu apk.
  • just open the installed application.
  • just choose your desired feature and select that feature.
  • inject that selected feature into your ml game.
  • Now enjoy your game.


How do I turn on unknown sources on Android?

Go to settings from the home screen of your Android mobile.
Touch screen lock and security, if not available, tap on security.
Click on the Unknown sources switch to enable or disable it. If not, switch unknown sources. Enable when checked.
Review the message and click OK to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I download the Mobile Legends injector apk app for free?

Proapkmode is the best platform to download and update the latest version of the Mobile Legends best injectors and cheat tools for free.

which is the best ml injector tool for android? best skin injector ml?

Han esports is the best ml injector tool for mlbb, and this version of han esports injector v49 apk ml works on android very well.

where I can get the best injector for mlbb? 

jokerart mod ml, skins tools ml injector apkkaneki ml injector apk, Devil modz apk are one of the best injectors for mlbb.

what is the han esports password apk latest version?

han esport apk password is given below.

han esports password

no password


As we reviewed Han esports apk in detail and discussed all the topics of han esports injector v71 apk latest version 2021 and also described in detail the features of this tool from which we came to the conclusion that Han esports apk mlbb is one of the best and safest injector tools.

Han esports apk gives you all the premium features of ML for free, the interface of this tool is user-friendly, any new user can easily understand the interface of this tool, and can inject related features in ml gameplay.

If you have read the above article in full and are impressed with the feature of the hanv71 injector apk then just click on the download button above and han esport v71 apk download. And keep visiting our website proapkmode for more amazing tools, apps, and game mods.

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